Tons of Features to help you scale your Business Faster

Pay Upon Delivery

Allow customers to order online and pay upon delivery.

Email Notifications

Both the customer and business owner will receive an e-mail when an order is placed.

Secure Payment

Uses the latest SSL encryption to protect customers credit card data.

Delivery Zones

Set up and draw multiple delivery areas with various pricing.

Create Coupons

Set discount values and add expiration dates to increase sales.

Tracks Stock

Auto-deducts inventory count from your Clover when a product is sold on your website.

6 Store Layouts

Choose from 6 different store interfaces. Each one offers a unique customer experience.

Work On All Platforms

Smart Online Order is mobile-friendly. It is responsive and adjusts to all screen sizes. 

Pay in Store

Allow customers to order online and pay in store.

Hide Inventory Items

You can easily hide categories, items and modifiers from appearing on your website. You don’t have to show everything that is in your Clover Inventory.

Fast Technical Support

We offer fast and easy technical support. You can even send us a text  for help at (925) 234-5554. 

Instantly Print Orders

When a customer places an order, it will print to the Kitchen and Clover Printer straightaway. 

Text Message

Business owners have the option to receive a text message as soon as the customer places an order. Customers can also be sent a text message when their Order is Ready.

Allow Scheduled Orders

Allow customers to schedule their orders at a specific time during your business hours. You can allow them to schedule an order up to 90 days in advance.