WooCommerce WordPress Integration with Clover POS

Have you recently set up a Woo Commerce store for your restaurant? Smart Online Order can seamlessly integrate your online orders with your existing Clover POS system- stress-free.

In just 10 minutes your business could be running more efficiently. No need to get jumbled up between your Clover Merchant Account and Woo Commerce store, it’s all in one place with Smart Online Order.

You can take secure credit card payments through your Woo Commerce store that instantly get deposited into your Clover Merchant Account. With instant printing to your Clover printer and SMS/email notifications, you can get to cooking right away. No more fuss, your product will reach your customers faster.

Not only that, but your clover inventory can be left alone to handle in store orders, while your Woo-Commerce Inventory can remain separate to handle Online Orders. Now, there’s no need to worry about mixing your in store menu with our online menu.

Smart Online Order app remains on your Clover giving you precise details how many online orders were made. With hundreds of store layouts found on Woo-Commerce, you can choose the style which best fits your business. Connect better with your own customers by injecting your brands’ personality into your online ordering system. Don’t want to serve up a certain item today? That’s ok, you can hide certain items from your Woo Commerce store menu using its many features.

Want to reward your loyal customers? It couldn’t get any easier with Woo-Commerce. Set coupon codes, pick their value and arrange an expiry date with ease. Now that’ll get people talking. And let’s not forget, the payments will be processed through your clover POS system.

You know your business the best, which is why you can set your own shipping rates and fees. You can choose where you want to deliver and ship and setup the zones yourself. With Woo-Commerce ability to print shipping labels, you can do that also. No more losing time and money on how to organize shipping labels, Once you’ve set it up on Smart Online Order, all payments are processed through your Clover. Isn’t that nice that each time an order is placed, your Clover will print it out? That’s super cool.

Treat your customers to an amazing, user-friendly experience with Smart Online Order and our Woo Commerce integration. We aren’t just integrating with Woo Commerce, we are allowing you to develop all aspects of your business. This opens up your potential customer base to so many more people.

Smart Online Order works on all Clover Devices and scales up or down to any screen size, so no need to worry about not having the correct Clover Device. Mobile? Tablet? Desktop? Make your business all-inclusive with our easy to install plugin and Woo-Commerce

We are constantly trying to improve at Smart Online Order. As you’re reading this we are always working on new updates to improve our application. So, if you’re impressed by our service now, it’s only going to get better. We care about your business and want to help you succeed. We were the first to integrate WordPress with Clover and now we have done it again with WOO-Commerce

Have any problems with Smartonlineorder? Our customer service team are always there to help. We have been praised by many of our customers for our dedication to solving your issues. We respond quickly to any of our customers’ queries as we understand how important it is to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. Through our website, you can find plenty of video tutorials to teach you the ins and outs of running your business through Smart Online Order.

With a flat fee of $30 a month, there are no hidden costs or per-order fess to bring down your profit. So, what are you waiting for? In just a few minutes, you could streamline your business- managing it with far less effort. No more organisational mistakes, happier customers. Start using Smart Online Order today.

Here is how to get started:

1.) Install the Smart Online Order app from your laptop or computer, by going to Clover.com, then go to more tools, then install Smart Online Order, after you install it, answer the questions.
2.) Open the Smart Online Order App a second time from Clover.com and you will get the API key.
3.) Install the Woo-Commerce Clover Gateway Plugin, and then paste the API Key.
If you get stuck or need help, please email or call us: 925-234-5554 / support@zaytechapps.com or search YouTube for tutorial Videos.