Why smart online ordering for Clover ?


With smart online order for Clover you can easily integrate your inventory to show on your website in real-time.
This will allow you to accept online orders from your website.

Convenient shopping cart

Convenient shopping cart allows your customers to add items to their cart and view the description of each item


Sms text message alerts

Sms text message alerts (optional) Alerts you when new online order is made

Scheduled Orders

Scheduled Orders – Allow your customers to order hours or even days in advance. You can set a minimum time of when an order will be ready. Great for business that use catering

Pay in Store

Pay in Store allows customers to order online and pay in the store with cash

Business hours

Business hours – Our system can temporarily hide your menu or allows customers to order in advance when your business is closed

Secure Credit card

Secure Credit card processing allows customers to process secure transactions on our checkout page

Free Online Ordering website

Free Online Ordering website built around your brand, identity and logo

Auto print

Auto print – As soon as an online order is made, the order will be printed to the order receipts printer. This can be your kitchen printer, the Clover Printer or both

Pay upon delivery

Pay upon delivery allows customers to order online and pay upon delivery