Clover payment gateway for Woocommerce

Do you want to accept payments through Clover using Woo Commerce?

Does your online store happen to be powered by Woo Commerce? and want to add Clover payment gateway, that is not a problem. our plugin Woo Commerce Clover Gateway by Zaytech connects your Clover POS to Woo-Commerce. It acts as a payment gateway to accept credit card payments; thereby making your experience easy.

Woo Commerce Clover Gateway by Zaytech is a stress-free solution to start accepting credit card payments in as little as 10 minutes. All Orders will print directly to your Clover POS. You also have the option to manually print the orders.

Simply Install the WooCommerce Clover Gateway Plugin to have your orders processed through your Clover Merchant Account. you can also follow our guide at this link


What about the fees related to using this Clover payment gateway for Woocomerce?  

With Smart Online Order, you have full control over everything that goes on at your online store. And when it comes to payment and fees, there are no per transaction fees or per order fees. You simply pay a flat monthly fee of $30 a month. All credit card transaction fees are processed through your Clover Merchant Account. Therefore, you do not have to bother yourself about any extra or hidden charges anywhere. You also have full control over your customer service relations and you get to interact with your customers directly.

When it comes to receiving payments, you are afforded flexibility as you already have your Clover POS which links directly to your Clover merchant account. Accepting payments is not a problem with Smart Online Order.

This feature has been added simply to make your experience even easier and more effortless.

Woo Commerce and Clover are well known for making things easier. Therefore, we got them to work together. We got them to communicate.

Clover makes it easy for you to sell your goods at a physical location, while Woo-Commerce makes it easy to sell Online. You spent all that time opening a merchant account and negotiating your credit card fees. Now, why open another merchant account to accept payments online?

With Smart Online Order by Zaytech and Woo Commerce- we offer the missing link so you can accept payments through your Clover Device. With our Woo Commerce plugin, you can use the inventory already on your Woo Commerce Store. If you want to use the inventory on your Clover POS, we also have a solution for that. Whether you want to use your Woo Commerce inventory or Clover POS inventory, then know that we have a solution for both.

Start accepting credit card payments with Woo Commerce in as little as 10 minutes. This feature has been added to all Smart Online Order and Clover platforms to make your experience easier. Credit card payments no longer have to be a problem for you and neither should the use of Smart Online Order with Woo Commerce.

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